Reopening of Roccamare

Dear friends,


for over fifty years Roccamare has benefited from your trust. During all these years we have taken care of you, every summer we have lived in your holidays. We have seen your children become teenagers, graduate and return among the pines of Roccamare as adults with their babies, others return every year from far away, some of you have become grandparents and you have always spent a period of your life in Roccamare.

The bond that unites us is so deep that we are not able to be without you!


The attention to the precautions that we are going to adopt will take a lot of time. The masks won’t create problems between us, as we’ve always looked each other in the eye. Even though we already know that the calculations won't return this year, it doesn't matter. We have shared so many important moments of our lives and therefore we can’t give up taking care of you during the time you will stay with us this summer.

The photos and greetings you’ve sent us during this serious period made us understand that we can’t do without your presence. Among the hundreds of images that you have sent us, we have chosen one to accompany this letter that inspired us and made us understand that we must always do our best, at all times.


Now time has come that we can meet again and look each other in the eye. From June 26 we will take care of you, just like we have always done, year after year.

We look forward to seeing you in Roccamare!



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Red Carpet
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