A carefree holiday

In 2020 we decided to open the resort despite the pandemic in order not to interrupt the bond that has united us for over forty years. The 2020 season, albeit very short, was by far the most difficult of all. We have trained in security issues and have tried to take strict measures without limiting the personal freedom and privacy of our guests.

Thanks to your comments on the review sites, we were able to achieve 100% customer satisfaction in terms of cleanliness and Covid-Safe-Index, which is the index that analyzes the information relating to the COVID-19 protocols, including sanitation, distancing
rules, cleanliness, the safety perception of guests, trust and much more (source: The Data Appeal Company).

Happy with the excellent result we have obtained, we would like to proudly announce that we have provided more than 40,000 euros for the 2020 season for the introduction of numerous measures to contain the spread of the virus to protect our guests and our employees. All our energy and an even more substantial budget than last year will be aimed at guaranteeing you also in 2021 a pleasant and safe summer holiday.




To book you can call +39 0564 941124 or write to booking@roccamare.it.

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