Informative letter for our guests on the measures adopted by Roccamare to prevent the spread of Covid-19

Version updated on 24 July 2020


Come in and we'll take care of you,
but you must also participate thus
our commitment can bear fruit for everyone.


At the Roccamare Resort we care about well-being, health, safety and protection of our guests, our collaborators and our business partners.

According to the latest government guidelines, we have even further intensified our commitment to offer you a peaceful holiday: to implement the specific provisions on health prevention we have implemented an action plan that also includes the sterilization of the environments, the prevention of contagion, the training and protection of our staff taking care of you. The whole staff, from the housekeeping to the reception, from the kitchen to the bar, from maintenance to the beach, have been made aware of how to apply and monitor the implementation of the new protocols.

To give priority to the safety of our guests and staff members as well as to comply with the specific regulations in force, some services may be temporarily modified in respect of what is reported on our website.

In order to decongest the Resort services, such as the beach, we have decided to reduce the resort's capacity by over hundred beds.

We are constantly following the changes in recommendations and guidelines in order to provide you with the best possible service: for this reason, some of the information reported herein may change.

Hygiene and Cleaning

At the Roccamare Resort we've always taken care of cleaning and hygiene, but during this period we have adopted new and better specific measures for the prevention against coronavirus.

We use new hygiene products and remedies and furthermore, we've adopted specific operating procedures for the cleaning of private, common and service areas, thus we are able to offer you not only even cleaner, but also sanitized environments. We have increased the frequency of cleaning operations, particularly in common areas and in places of highest contact (for example bathrooms, counters, halls, elevators, handles, equipment).
We have intensified and strengthened the hygiene controls for the conservation, preparation and service of food and drinks you will find in our restaurants and bars.
We have made points available for hand disinfection, reduced the number of persons in closed places, spaced seats, created routes to reduce the possibility of queues and gatherings.
In any case, at the resort reception are available phone numbers and contact information of local medical centers.
We are daily monitoring the parameters of any Covid-19 symptoms of our collaborators and suppliers.


Looking forward to be able to fully resume normal activities, we want to provide you with some practical information.


We kindly ask you to inform us during the booking phase about your requests and needs, thus we are able to clear and arrange everything possible before your arrival, reducing your waiting time and permanence at the reception. Upon confirmation of the booking, we ask you to give us your mobile phone number for any urgent contact needs; since access to the car park takes place with an automatic license plate reading system, we ask you to send us of your plate and car model before your arrival. 

General information

The Roccamare Resort is surrounded by nature and offers large space, where you can enjoy the peace and beauty of nature: this is also why it will be easier to maintain interpersonal distance. We ask you to comply with the distance rules of at least one meter to people who do not share the room with you and to wear always the protective mask in closed or open spaces, whenever it is not possible to maintain the distance.

Inside the Resort you will find numerous gel dispensers for hand disinfection.
In some parts of the Resort we have set up differentiated entry and exit routes; please acknowledge and respect them.
In order to reduce the contact with money, please prefer contactless forms of payment (room charge, electronic cards)

Arrival, Reception, Check in, Check out

Parking: you will immediately access to the parking lot, if you’ve communicated the license plate and car model before the arrival. If you meet any difficulties, please give us a call.

Shuttle bus parking: we suggest you reach the reception on foot, while we take care of your luggage. If you need the transport service, please remember that it is necessary to wear a mask and to sanitize your hands. Furthermore, only people belonging to the same family are allowed to use the same bus. Due to the necessary sanitation works in the bus, waiting times may be longer.
Baggage transport: we kindly ask you to label your baggage with your name to allow a quicker transport and baggage delivery to your room
Access conditions and body temperature control: on the arrival your body temperature and oxygen saturation level in the blood will be checked and you will be asked a few questions. Results and responses will neither be transcribed nor stored. In the event of a body temperature above 37.5° and/or symptoms or conditions attributable to any contagion from COVID-19, we unfortunately won’t be able to allow access to the resort. Therefore, we ask you to start travelling only after ascertaining good health conditions.
Check In: on your arrival we would like to give you a warm welcome, but for this year, it won’t be possible and instead, we are forced to ask you to minimize your stay at the reception desk. It will be enough that only one person of the booking unit approaches to the desk. Please prepare in advance the identity documents of all booking members as well as the booking documents. This will help us to reduce the time of registration and the consignment of the keys. Please prefer those payment forms that reduce the cash use. Check-in is scheduled from 4 pm: we recommend that you take this time into account, when organizing your trip. Due to the sanitization procedures, the preparation times of the rooms could be longer and therefore arriving before 4 pm at the Resort could create waiting and lengthening of the procedures.
Concierge, information: you will probably have some information or suggestions to ask us, and we will be happy to answer you, but please prefer to make requests by telephone, instead of coming directly to the reception. However, our attention to offer you exhaustive answers will be doubled.
Departure and check out: as for check in, we ask you to prepare your departure on time, requiring in advance the information for the settlement of the bill, luggage transport service, shuttle request and anything else you might need. Check out should be performed by 10 am: we recommend that you take this time into account when organizing your trip. Given the longer time required for sanitization procedures, we ask you to respect this time, thus we are able to prepare the rooms for new guests.


A light physical activity to go up and down the stairs is preferable to the use of the lift. Anyway, if you choose to use the lift, please wash or disinfect your hands before and after use. Please enter the cabin only with people you are sharing the room.

Room Cleaning

The rooms will be carefully cleaned and sanitized with specific virucidal products before your arrival.

During the cleaning procedures as well as during your stay, the rooms will be thoroughly ventilated and cleaned; for precautionary reasons, please do not stay in the room during the intervention of our staff.


Our minibars will be cleaned and sanitized before your arrival and supplied with water for your welcome. For any other needs, please let us know during booking or call the reception.


Comfortable distances between the tables will allow you to appreciate with even greater pleasure the tasty preparations of our cuisine and the wines of our menu. The service will be allowed only at the table and the choice of dishes will take place with systems that do not require the use of menus. Unfortunately there won’t be our famous buffets, but there will be pleasant news and alternatives.

The dining room staff will welcome you at the entrance and a few minutes waiting might be required. Please sanitize your hands before entering and wear the mask when you are not at your table or when you communicate with our staff. Only people occupying the same room can sit at the same table.
Our staff will wear the mask for your protection, but this won’t be a problem for those who’ve always looked each other in the eye.
The entrance and exit from the restaurant will be differed.
We recommend to let us know the time of your presence at the restaurant by phone.
Breakfast: in buffet style and comfortably served at the table by our staff.
Lunch and dinner: the quality of our cuisine will be enriched with some variations to guarantee better service. We will also introduce news on the possibility for takeaway.
Room service and food delivery: the room service will be as usual and this year we have decided to introduce the additional service of home delivery of breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Table service is provided in our bars. It won’t be possible to put the tables together, but we believe that this will not affect the possibility to enjoy the company of your friends.

Swimming pool

The swimming pool of Casa di Ponente is ready for you. For a mayor and better safety and surveillance service, there will be limited access. The access and exit of the swimming pool area will take place through differentiated paths.


This year on the beach each room will have its own beach umbrella as always, but we must ask you to stay as much as possible in your specific assigned space (in respect to the current regulations).

Please reach the umbrella by wearing your mask and wear it when asking our staff for information.
In accordance with the current provisions, it won’t be possible to leave personal objects, children's toys in storage and to play team games. Simply enjoy more relaxation and rest!

Animation, entertainment, miniclub

The miniclub for children from 4 to 10 years is managed by a specialized company and the activities of the little ones are organized taking into consideration the valid regulations.
Musical entertainment is provided every evening at the American bar in “Casa di Ponente”: the current limitations do not allow us to provide other entertainment forms.

Fitness room

Our fitness room will be usable normally; the available space does not preclude respecting the distance of at least two meters from others. Access will however be limited: if you want to train at set times, we suggest you book.

Bike storage

As usually, you are allowed to bring your bikes, leave and storage them in our specially equipped and guarded room. This is the year of outdoor activities!

Playground, fields and sport facilities in the outdoor spaces

For the known reasons, they are not available for the 2020 season.


For great part of the day the resort’s security is entrusted to specialized personnel to avoid intrusion and/or evasion of the safety barriers we’ve set up for the current season.


If you realize during your stay that you are experiencing symptoms attributable to covid-19 (fever, dry cough, sore throat, breathing difficulties, widespread muscle pain, and altered taste and smell), please stay in your accommodation and promptly notify the Resort by telephone.


This information sheet is a brief summary of the more structured Covid-19 protocol formulated by our company.



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